Prospecting Equipment.

We have spent time building a solid working relationship with various equipment manufacturers in the UK, USA & Far East, due to this cooperation we have secured a number of discounted deals which we can pass on to customers in Scandinavia & the rest of Europe. A number of the companies are listed below however we are actively engaging with others and they will be added to our website as they come onboard.


Dahlke Pumps and Dredges


We feel the most important part of a gold mining dredge is the ability to recover and retain gold. Dahlke recovery trays (sluice boxes) utilize a combination of Hungarian forward riffles for coarse gold and dovetail riffles in the back section for fine gold. Dahlke currently build seven sizes of dovetail riffles and mount them with progressive spacing and various depth settings to achieve the most efficient recovery action.


Most sluice systems suffer from a high rate of fine gold recovery losses when pumping large aggregates that tend to cause the values to "boil out" because of the backwash created around the larger rocks. The dovetail riffle creates a J hydraulic elliptical boil pattern that enhances fine gold recovery while pumping large rocks. When the gold is backwashed it slips into the leading edge of the following riffle and remains locked-in until cleanup.

All Dahlke fabrications are professionally finished. All steel parts are powder-coated or zinc-plated for years of corrosion-free use. Quality is our number one goal!


Packrat II 2" Dredge


Dynamic features help you reach and capture gold in those lucrative, remote, gold-bearing streams.


  • Powerful radial jet

  • State of the art hybrid flare tube

  • New sluice designed by Angus MacKirk

  • Truly unique all-in-one backpack dredge

  • Optional aluminum triple sluice system

  • Backpack harness included


Kevlar/Neoprene Gloves


We have recently partnered with a Far Eastern manufacturer of good quality and extremely hard wearing gloves, the body of the glove is constructed from 3mm neoprene for flexibility and warmth with a covering of kevlar on the palms & fingers.


Leon Kirk Pumps and Sluices


Leon Kirk is one of the leading personalities un UK gold panning, his knowlege and manufacturing skills are second to non. Due to our close ties with Leon we are able to supply a range of his equipment which is manufactured in Scotland. Among the items offered are his fantastic range of heavy duty hand pumps and newly designed and fabricated sluices.

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