DAHLKE DREDGE MICRO 4B POLYDREDGE - 4" GOLD DREDGE Ultra-portable one piece polyethylene flotation with molded-in recovery tray and threaded aluminum inserts for hardware mounting. Tough, impact- resistant laminar design will fit on a large pack frame for hiking into remote locations. Module dimensions are 61"L x 30"W x 9"D. The Micro 4 is outfitted with the following standard equipment: DP 150 jetting pump with cast-in cam-coupler, dual-jet top eductor with an auxiliary flusher water port, 15' of dredge hose, 30 degree suction nozzle, two-stage recovery with hungarian primary and dovetail finishing riffles. Also standard are 4-corner cleats and foot valve with strainer. Total weight without air - 98 lbs. Weight with diver’s air system is approximately 116 lbs. NOTE: this price includes a pump however due to shipping costs this price is minus an engine, we can assist in finding a suitable motor within Scandinavia or we can ship the honda motor with the dredge if requested.

Dahlke Micro 4B 4" Polydredge

SKU: 201617

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