Our goal

Our goal is to enable prospectors to purchase equipment from America easily without the going through the hassle of import tax and enormous delivery fees.

We can deliver around Europe so feel free to get in touch for our latest prices on all equipment.

Contact us  for your needs.

Our solutions

We have agreements with several companies worldwide to give us discount on equipment, this enables us to deliver products at a very reasonable price for the customer and without the worry that your product will end up " lost in transit".

To avoid the sometimes prohibitive cost of purchasing dredges directly we also rent equipment per day at a reasonable price.


Try before you buy....

Our products

Our main focus is to sell dredges and pumps of various sizes to interested prospectors.

We have contact with many different suppliers, but right now you can find our best offers with Dahlke Dredges and pumps.

The extremely portable Packrat II dredge is also very special as it can easily be worn as a backpack and carried to more remote locations.


For all inquiries outside of Scandinavia please email me HERE

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